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Fucking hell I hate these id things

My inspirations are Skottie Young, Jack Kirby, Eric Canete, Hirohiko Araki, Kentaro Miura, and Naoki Urasawa, Eiichiro Oda

Admittedly I take heavy inspiration from a Mr. Tite Kubo as welll, at least artistically and perhaps in the 'not giving a shit' aura he exudes.

Stuff I recommend you read.

American comics: They're good, I swear. Broaden your horizons, weaboo.
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: beautiful figures
Berserk: Everything about Berserk is wonderful hardcore fantasy story telling
One Piece: For the best character design and story telling in a long running japanese comic.
Bleach post-Aizen: For the love-hate relationship you'll have with it.
Blade of The Immortal: For how the artwork is REALLY good, spoiler alert: The artist draws violent imagery of naked girls being tortured as a side job.
It was 220 dollars....

I'm not going to make a set commission price since I still need to work on making solid lineart BUT....if you just..y'know wanna toss some change my way and I'll doodle something up that'd be pretty rad, gotta pay off them college funds.

Anyways I think what I want to try and do is get a drawing done every day starting from when I bought this's REALLY good.


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Miss-Adventurous Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2014
-stumbles down stairs- That was surely an adventure I would never forget.
Anywho, who am I even talking to?
Oh yes you!
Hello Justin.
Sorry for dilly dallying around stupendously!
AuldBlue Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for faving! <3
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Happy Birthday
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I sincerely apologize in advance for throwing this out, but....
the reason why I reported your insult-based 'xenophobe' comment as spam (even if it was only intended to be a valid point): I'll have you know that I'm NO alien - NO F__KING alien, OK?

And what does my race have to do with anything?! (I've been going to a Japanese church around my area for the last 2 seasons, and I gotta tell you - most of the Japs there are RESPECTFUL as F__K, not to mention the all-white family that's in charge; also I'm a die-hard internet reviewer fan - not just Spoony himself, but Linkara, AVGN, NC, IG, LMG, Marzgurl, - so I don't know where in Christ's name you got the impression that SpoonyOne possesses a dislike for negroes*, all right?!)

*if there's a YT or SpoonyExperiment video and/or blog that revolves around it, prove it to me so I'll know! Otherwise, keep your GDMFing lips sealed already! And while you're at it, think before g__damn commenting, and please.....for the love of Harry & Marv.....keep your criticism respectful and succinct!!
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Thanks for the com & watch :)
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You guys are tards
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Do I know you? :3
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